Thanks to some really cool folks:

Lee Norman (He is my Prince Charming.)

Shirley Jones -- She is a true Lady. I was honored to play her daughter, and found her to be a gracious as well as beautiful person.

Jimmy DeMers -- Not only does this man have the voice of an angel, he has the heart of one as well.

Dabney Coleman (I will always appreciate how he helped me navigate through our series, "Madmen of the People" with kindness, generosity and humor. He has been a mentor and a friend to me for so many years and I love him dearly.)

Chad and Carey Hayes (First friends in LA when I was so very lonely. Still...and brothers to me.)

Mary Stuart (The Queen of Soaps and my aunt on SFT. She stood up for me and protected me when I was a very young, naive and untrained actress on the soap (and others were not so nice.) She was generous and kind, and I appreciated her so much.)

Claudia Black (My booker at Ford and match-maker of my first real love.)

Arthur Laurents (The note he wrote me after "Gypsy" aired was an incredible validation.)

Bill Blynn (Believed in me when I didn't. I was a fan before and remain a fan today.)

Oliver Stone (I became politically active and aware because of him. Changed my life.)

Sean Penn (He paid me a compliment once and I'll never forget the honor. I think that he's one of the most talented people of my generation and I'll watch anything he makes.)

Gary Geotzman (A truly COOL dude. Anyone who knows him can tell you that! Oh, and he gave me a job when I wasn't the first choice--or the second!)

Richard Carpenter (I never would have known how to hold that mic correctly if it weren't for him...)

Emile Ardolino (He gave all that he had to our movie and never saw it air. I hope to see him in the next life.)

Burt Reynolds (He made me feel like an equal on the set, when I was still such a novice.)

Neil Meron and Craig Zadan (We go waaaay back. What a ride it's been.)

Howard Zagar (He launched my career in 1978.)