Full Career

I began my career at age 14 in New York City as Ford model.  By the age of 15, I was doing commercials as well as print work. Woody Allen gave me my first acting job in his film, "Stardust Memories." Next was a 2-year stint on the daytime drama, "Search For Tomorrow" immediately followed by a lead in the hit series "Fame." Because of the weekly sessions in the recording studio for the show, I began my vocal training with Dr. Joel Ewing, with whom I still study today. During my first series hiatus, I starred opposite Rob Lowe and Patrick Swayze in "Yougblood;" the second hiatus was spent in Mexico shooting Oliver Stone's "Salvador," opposite James Woods; and then I worked with Virginia Madsen and Daphne Zuniga in "Modern Girls" after my third season on "Fame." I left the show to work with Burt Reynolds in "Malone," followed by "Jack's Back" opposite James Spader. In "Death Warrant" I worked with Jean-Claude Van Damm and Robert Guiallame. I was honored by the invitation to be a member of The Actors' Studio when I starred in one of their plays, Lyle Kessler's  "Robbers".

I have been a member of SAG and AFTRA since 1979. In those 32 years I have been working as an actress, dancer and singer. My credits include starring roles in 13 feature films, 5 network series, 20 made-for-television movies, 10 guest roles on series, countless TV pilots, daytime TV, a webisode, commercials, voice-overs, and print work as a Ford model. I am a member of The Actors' Studio due to my stage work in Los Angeles. I have garnered critical acclaim in many projects, most notibly in Oliver Stone's "Salvador" and as the lead in the title roles of "The Karen Carpenter Story" and CBS's "Gypsy," opposite Bette Midler. For the latter I recieved a Golden Globe nomination for Best Supporting Actor. I am a trained singer and vocal coach, currently writing a book on the subject and completed a Master Class tour of Italy in summer '09. I teach private singing lessons in my studios in LA and Connecticut.

Vocal Coaching

Ms. Gibb's singing career began in 1983 when she joined the cast of television's hit series, "Fame". Ms. Gibb's role utilized her skills as an actress, dancer and singer in every episode, requiring weekly sessions in the recording studio and live performances around the country. The music producer introduced Ms. Gibb to vocal coach Dr. Joel Ewing, with whom she has been studying for the last 29 years. Her studies have included private vocal coaching, membership in Dr. Ewing's Master Chorale for a dozen years and vocal pedagogy (the art  of teaching singing) since 1999. In pedagogy Ms. Gibb has extensively studied the writings of Herbert Caesari, Cornelius Reid, William Vennard and Dr. Ewing's doctoral papers, focusing on registration being the most important foundation of singing. No matter what style one  performs, the muscle system that makes our voices instruments must  be balanced and Ms. Gibb's training allows her to hear and correct  vocal faults as well as injuries. Ms. Gibb can be heard on the  "Gypsy" soundtrack, a movie in which she played the title role  opposite Bette Midler, earning her a Golden Globe nomination.


Golden Globe - Nominated for Best Actress for "Gypsy" (1993).

Young Artist Award - Nominated for Best Young Actress for "Fame" (1984).