"Actresses Casting Directors Love"
Backstage, July 7, 2010

Gary Zuckerbrod on Cynthia Gibb:

Working on an episodic show such as "Without a Trace" was a unique situation. The guest-star roles carried most of the emotional weight of the show. The roles were incredibly well developed and written, and wonderful actors would come in and audition. Our process on the show was to audition about six actors per role, narrow it down to two top choices, and send those choices to the executive producers to make the final decision. As a result, many actors came in again and again for roles.

Cynthia Gibb, a truly lovely person and wonderful actress, came in year after year and was almost always the second runner-up to a major guest role. Because she came in often, I got to spend a few moments with her occasionally talking about life, her family, seeing photos, etc. I was always rooting for her to get the part and always felt awful when she didn't.

At the time, I had a beautiful dog that I would bring to the office with me. She created a great energy in the office. When she was 18 years old and her legs had given up on her and she was in pain, I had made the very painful decision to put my dog to sleep, but I had to leave a casting session to get to the vet. Cynthia was coming in to audition that day for a role on "Trace."  I was carrying Maggie, my dog, out of the office, and Cynthia was there. We barely exchanged words but I indicated what I was doing, and the warmth and care in Cynthia's face somehow calmed me and said more than words could ever say.

So the one time I wasn't reading with her in the audition, Cynthia got the part! Cynthia later sent me a wonderful note and a beautiful book on dogs.  

I like to believe good things happen to good people, and Cynthia is one of the best.

Gary Zuckerbrod has been a member of the casting community for 28 years. Career highlights include "Pulp Fiction," "Weapons of Mass Distraction," "The Ron Clark Story," "Touched by an Angel" (pilot), "Cold Case" (pilot), and seven seasons of "Without a Trace." He is most proud of his participation in helping to bring casting directors and associate casting directors into the Teamsters union.

November 6 , 2011 - Cynthia to Perform in Italy
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March 31 , 2011 - Viva!... feel the passion...
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January 21, 2011 - Westport Arts Center Film Program
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Seminar: The Business Side of Performing Arts

Monday, September 27, 2010
Westport Public Library, Connecticut
7:00 pm
McManus Room

Hear about the business side of performing arts from actress, singer, dancer, and former model Cynthia Gibb. For those who are serious about their acting, singing, or modeling and are considering it as a career, find out about the differences between training as a performer vs. what is required to run one's own "business" as a performer, and how to navigate this path, including ethical issues.

Publicized in the New York Times Sunday Edition, in their Metropolitan Calendar.

April 21, 2010 - Movie Update

Mark your calendars: Cynthia's new movie "ACCUSED AT 17," will premiere on Lifetime Television, Saturday, May 1, 9PM (repeats at 11PM).

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